An overall consensus on the blogs and accounts that I follow is that coverage on the President and the decisions of the executive branch is important to the people that follow them. This is my target audience. WHDH is posting on what’s happening in Congress and CBS Boston is posting about Presidential hopefuls policies. East Bay Times is posting about Trump’s policies, specifically they were posting about his policy on asylum recently. Inforrm is posting about media in politics and how a simple algorithm can affect an outcome as large as becoming president. Jeff Mason’s blog for Reuters is posting about statements from President Donald Trump about his former national security advisor and what they disagreed on. Altogether my audience finds Congressional actions, the Presidents policies and statements, and how media affects politics important.

The twitters that I follow mostly get in the hundreds regarding engagement (favorites and retweets). This is a smaller community and are very similar in the content they post. They all post about press conferences and press briefings and President Trump. These are alike the blogs that I follow in the fact that their audience is interested in the same type of news.

Here are five timely topics that they are covering right now that would make a good post on my blog:

  1. Trump discussing former national security advisor John Bolton. This would be a good topic to write about on my blog because a lot of my community would want to know why Trump and Bolton disagreed on certain decisions and why Bolton resigned. I would focus on his tweets and the news coverage of him speaking during an interview about Bolton.
  2. 135 House Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump. This would be beneficial because Trump will probably respond to the news of this making this a more timely piece and if this goes ahead, there will be more news to cover as it proceeds. I would focus on statements from House members of specific states and focus on how Trump performed in the 2016 election in that state while also keeping in mind how they lean in their own politics.
  3. Democrat candidates and Republican candidates and their policies as we approach the 2020 Presidential election. This would look more like an explainer post and talk about why stating their policies are important and what policies are most important for the American people.
  4. Trump’s asylum policies are resurfacing as refugees from the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian are denied entry into the U.S. I would also focus on the Supreme Court decision that reinforced that Trump was allowed to maintain such a strict asylum ruling.
  5. With the media facing such backlash from the 2016 election and Facebook taking severe heat for helping the Russians influence the 2016 election, they are “tightening” rules for political advertisers to prepare for the 2020 election. I would also focus on how that works considering Russia has accused them and Google of interfering in their elections.

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