Trump National Doral facility “chosen” for G7 Summit

President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced yesterday in a press briefing that the 46th G7 Summit would be held at the Trump National Doral facility in Miami, Florida.

Mulvaney denied that the reason the Trump National Doral facility was selected for the summit was to direct personal gain to Donald Trump in violation of the Emoluments Clause.

The entrance to Trump’s National Doral facility.

 “I think the President has pretty much made it very clear since he’s got here that he doesn’t profit from being here.  He has no interest in profit from being here.” Mulvaney addressed the questions on Emoluments Clause violations before they could be asked in his briefing.

On how National Doral was chosen for the summit he replied that they used the same criteria past administrations have used. The last G8 summit held in the United States was held under Barack Obama in 2012 at Camp David, owned by the United State’s Government.

Trump is the G7 President of 2020 and will include United States, Britain, France, Canada, Japan, Germany and Italy where they will not discuss climate change.

“The focus of the event will be global growth and challenges to the global economy, specifically dealing with things like rejuvenating incentives for growth and prosperity; rolling back prosperity-killing regulations; ending trade barriers; and re-opening energy markets,” Mulvaney said about what would be on the agenda for the upcoming G7 summit.

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